5 Instructions For Creating An Essay On Disadvantages Of Abortion

Abortion always comes with lot many disadvantages. It is a situation that makes a women’s body weak. If you are about to write on topic like “disadvantages of abortion”, the following 5 instructions can make your essays brilliant:

Check the simple organization of ideas

  1. Purpose of writing: Before you write anything, ideas should strike your mind. If you have already referred some resources, then jot significant points however, if you haven’t, come up with your own one.

  2. Gather information: There are not one, two or three but unlimited disadvantages of abortion. Since you already have the topic in your hand, you should write all the points one by one on a piece of paper. Heavy cramping and bleeding continuously for hours deteriorates the situation creating many gastrointestinal side effects and many other types of health concerns. Abortion is a murder done inside the mother’s body.

  3. Create an outline: It is called as the first draft. Prepare a rough sketch of your writing so that it acts as a map and guide you with all the points. You do not miss anything significant and make a brilliant Introduction, body and conclusion. While you start writing, ensure that your introduction seems magnetic to the audience. Furthermore it needs to be written at the end as this practice makes a brilliant piece of writing. It has to be attention grabbing and should create a wonderful background for the readers. The charisma of the introduction and the conclusion acts as a deciding factor whether or not readers will go through the entire essay. Conclusion should be written in such a way that it assimilates everything in few words. Many times, readers go through the conclusion to save their time and to get an idea of the quality of the essay. In between the introduction and conclusion is written the body part which has to be supported with substantial evidences.

  4. Add the finishing touch: After, you have written a rough draft, give it a final touch. This would become your second draft. In case, you feel that you have missed something very urgent, add the points here. This is the revision part where you need to check your composition for any kind of grammatical errors, sentence structures, repetition of words etc.

  5. Match your composition against the checklist to ensure satisfaction: Ensure that you followed the outline well. Your arguments are logically sequenced. You have provided strong supporting reasons. Your intentions are clear. Sentences are of varying length. You have stated topic sentence in the first paragraph. Your intent remains interesting. No unfinished sentences are there and there is no unnecessary repetition of words.