Personal experience essay ideas: Choosing the most appropriate story to write about

An essay on personal experience enables the reader to have a hint of your personal life experiences. This is a story that is inspired by your own life. It could be an examination essay or a requirement for you to apply for a college. For you to write, just ask yourself and think of a story of your life that is worth writing about. Here are some of the ideas of what you can choose to write about.

  1. How was the first day of your school like
  2. The day that you will never forget
  3. How did you and your best friend meet
  4. If you were to be given a super power, what you love to be
  5. An experience that changed you totally
You may find that some students do not have a clue of what to write. Here are some of the hints that will guide you when choosing a topic

  • Select a topic that best interests you
    Choosing a topic is like going to a movie shop. Majority of the people select topics that rhyme with their taste. If you pick a topic that does not interest you will end up getting stuck along the way and the worse that can happen is that you may not submit your work in time.
  • Pick a topic you can handle
    You do not have to be like those students who select topics that later put them down on the way. The repercussion for this is failing. You should hence avoid any topic that can challenge your mind and make the right selection.
  • Ensure it is free from errors
    If you want to stay put and avoid any form of confusion, your topic must be free from errors. These might be smaller or less but their effects might impact on the entire personal experience essay. Do not let such a small thing lead you astray. Simply revise your topic and point out these errors as you correct them prior to writing.
  • Make sure it is original
    All teachers expect their students to compose original content for their essays. If you do this otherwise, none of them will hesitate to make you fail because it means you might have duplicated someone else’s essay.

It is a bad show to avoid the above great advice. This is a show of laziness which must stop immediately. Simply try them and see the great difference.