Top 25 Most Interesting Essay Questions In Sociology

Of all the social sciences, sociology is one of the most interesting subjects you will ever study. The reason for this is because it deals directly with human behavior in the society that we live in. Given the chance to come up with interesting essay questions, the following are some that you can look into:

  1. Discuss the difference between crime and deviance
  2. Explain how celebrities influence the perception society has on women
  3. Discuss the relationship between mothers and their children
  4. Explain how working women and stay at home mothers differ in their approach to raising children
  5. Discuss how the choice of abortion has affected the perception of women on sex
  6. Explain the reasons why Americans are taking to adopting kids from other countries
  7. Discuss the challenges facing the foster care system in the country
  8. Discuss the challenges of homosexuality in job interviews
  9. Discuss the difference in behavior between kids raised by homosexual parents and heterosexual parents
  10. Explain the impact that religion has on the homosexual discussion in the society
  11. Explain why the beliefs of a parent will always affect the religion that an individual takes up
  12. Explain how parental beliefs affect the decisions that people make in their lives
  13. Men grow up to marry their mothers. Discuss
  14. Explain the impact of social class on the marriage institution
  15. Discuss some of the other factors other than affection, which can lead couples into getting married
  16. Discuss how the media has influenced the perception of the perfect body for women
  17. Discuss how women in your society see themselves as compared to other societies
  18. What impact does the celebrity lifestyle have on the growth of young children?
  19. Explain how the fast food industry has influenced the perception of food worldwide
  20. Discuss how fast food has changed the connection that families had by eating together
  21. Police brutality against minority races is on the rise. Discuss
  22. Explain how the toys that a child grows up with, will end up having an impact on their lives in the future
  23. Discuss the impact that war has had on the decision by young people to get married
  24. Following the 9/11 attacks, discuss the shift that has taken place in counterterrorism in the country
  25. Explain how the society an individual lives in affects their tolerance for crime